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The ASQ is a simple activity questionnaire that you  will do with your child.  It is designed to monitor a child’s development from birth to 5 years of age. Parents can begin the program at any time prior to their child’s 5th birthday, and participation is entirely voluntary and at no cost.

The ASQ looks at strengths and trouble spots, educates parents about developmental milestones, and incorporates parents’ expert knowledge about their children.  There are a total of 19 ASQ’s.  You do not need to go through all of them.  It is recommended that you do 1 or 2 questionnaires per years, however you may choose to do more  if you wish.

Once we receive the completed questionnaire, we will send you a letter with the results and enclose some fun activities for you to enjoy with your child. If the completed questionnaire shows that the child is struggling in some areas of development, we will contact you to discuss any concerns.

Research on brain development tells us that a child’s capacity to learn, to create, to love, to trust, and to develop a strong sense of self, is determined during the first 5 years of life.  The first 5 years of life are very important because this time sets the stage for success in school and later adulthood.  This is optimal time for your child to learn through play and experiences. It is important to ensure that each child’s development is continuing to grow during this time.

The Questionnaire asks specific questions to determine your child’s development in the following areas:

1. Communication:  Looks at the child’s language skills, both what they understand and what they can say.

2. Gross Motor:  Looks at large muscle movement and coordination.

3. Fine Motor:  Looks at hand and finger movement and coordination.

4. Problem Solving:  Looks at how the child plays with toys and their problem solving skills.

5. Personal Social:  Looks at the child’s self-help skills and interactions with others.

6. An overall section addressing any general concerns a parent may have.

Ages & Stages Questionnaires
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